Saturday, September 8, 2018

Alive and kicking :)

Yes I am in many ways still myself today
Woman, Mother, Wife and Child...

I have faltered, I have stood
I have done the best I could
In every aspect on my weary road
I have trudged on with my often heavy load

Yet he stands beside me sound
I know that in him peace is found
no matter how the weather turns the sky
upon his wings I know that I can fly

I can soar to height unknown
certain I am not alone
for he who made me
chose to love me still
not one second, is without his will

and though sometimes I may stray
going off this narrow way
I have no doubt he waits for my return
confident that in my faults I'll learn

So I stand with peace of heart
knowing we are not apart
filled with love that man cannot provide...
Faith is an extraordinary ride.

aka Deo Volente

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