Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Now that it's over....

After 4 long years of waiting, it's over! I can honestly say that this world cup came with more ups and downs than most for me. I found that more teams played what I have always called "dirty" and that was troublesome. The up side however was those teams did not get very far, so yes, there is justice. The USA did far better than they were given credit for, next time I hope that they improve stamina, speed and rush the goal a bit more. Still, I can say anything since I am just sitting and watching, after all... "everyone has an opinion". I have gained great respect for several players this year and more than once my heart broke as they and their teams were eliminated. When the final match rolled around I had no favorite because I liked both teams but as the game progressed it went without saying that Germany played a better and cleaner game so they earned the win. That said without naming names or pointing fingers I will say this...for the teams who played dirty, clean up your act please, children are watching. For the teams who fell short but played with all their hearts, do not be discouraged. For my home team, you made us proud! For Germany and Argentina...hats off to you both. With that I shall begin my count down to World Cup 2018.

Play fair and Play hard World :)


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Soccer...the real foot ball :)

Well it is that time again...FIFA has me parked in front of my television and until the final whistle I shall not be moved! As always though it irritates me when some of these talented young men play dirty, why not play by the rules and let the score tell the tale. Never the less I hold out hope that the world will watch and cheer along with me, setting aside our differences and celebrating the passion and heart that goes into playing this great sport for 90 plus minutes.

I don't care what anyone says, I will scream and cheer for the red white and blue...win or lose!

Go World

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Soldier at the museum

I felt you then I saw you,
didn’t even catch your name.
In moment so much deeper
than days of all my same.

Pass the glass enclosures,
this yesteryear by pane.
Battles, guns and bullets,
trinkets that remain.

I saw you fixed and humbled,
my heart knew all too well…
you stood inside a memory,
your lips would never tell.

I wanted to engage you,
to share a thought or two
but couldn’t find the courage,
for who knows what you’d do.

Glare at me in anger,
as I disturb your thought
or would you just ignore me,
unsure of what I sought.

It’s too late now to do it
and though you’ll never hear.
Inside my still small moment,
I’ll tell you now I care.

I care beyond the camo,
the colors that you wear.
Each moment I was absent,
though you were surely there.

I care that you endured it;
the pain, the loss, the fight.
I thank you for your courage,
beyond my field of sight.

Deo Volente
aka KEC.
June 7, 2014

Monday, February 3, 2014

Pain and loss

I have not written a word in so long and now more than ever I have to.

How do I write my hurt in prose
while deep within my heart it grows.
I can't begin to pen the pain
for now each word may be in vain
as only God knows if you hear,
since you are now, no longer here.
A broken heart, a shaken soul
for all the moments left untold.
I wish I had the time to tell
all that caused this heart to swell.
All the laughter, all the pain,
all things different, all the same.
Tears perched deeply in these eyes
death came knocking without lies.
Nothing made up, nothing blurred,
memories wrapped in every word
all the things now left unsaid
as you rest your weary head.
I loved you then and love you still,
I pray you know, I always will.

Keisha E-Cook
Aka Deo Volente

February 3, 2014

Saturday, January 18, 2014



A fool among the scholars,
not self-assured or wise.
Caught amidst skyscrapers,
useless in their eyes.

My footsteps are my virtue,
with heart upon my sleeve.
I question ever softly,
the truth that they believe.

My thought a whispered question,
I simply do not share
and even if I dared to,
I doubt that they would care.

I have no trophy mounted,
no title starts my name.
My bank account is meager,
I have no claim to fame.

These things are mine to ponder,
as on my path I go,
groping in a city,
surrounded by the know.

The mighty and the honored,
the titled and the great…
but if we all rode horses,
who then would hold the gate.

Deo Volente
January 18, 2014

Thursday, November 7, 2013

And still

I watch the leaves falling
their memories calling
caught in the tale of the wind
tossing and blowing
destiny unknowing
aging in color of thrill

I see the sun setting
a day soon forgetting
its minutes and hours before
breath taking and so much more

I hear my mind turning
for dreams ever yearning
as yet another year says adieu
waiting for footprints anew
God leads the way
through and through...
every still moment so true.

Deo Volente
November 7, 2013

Friday, June 28, 2013

Try harder!

Have you ever tried to do something and felt, as they say in Jamaica " wishie washie" ? For those of you who just said "what!" I will explain. It means to approach something; be it a task, an opinion and so on, in a less than clear, concise or definitive manner. Today that fits me well, I have much to do and find myself muddling through it all. Slow and steady doesn't always win the race; sometimes it just causes you to become wishie washie.  Have a wonderful Friday world.

June 28, 2013

Same old wall,
dull as paint.
Get out devil,
welcome saint.
Bible open,
chapter read.
Words of virtue,
in my head.
Lots to tackle,
all today.
Much to do,
on my way.
Oh so tired,
lost my spunk.
today I'm in a funk.
Still "no problem"
as they say.
Father bless me...
come what may.

Deo Volente
June 28, 2013